Let us design your next project

Mainsail Studio can design you everything to make your business a success




Mainsail Studio’s flexibilty when it comes to designing is unparalleled. We can make you a speciality graphic tee to sell for your big event, or we can make you a gorgeous company logo to represent yourself.



Use the order form to describe to us exactly what you need. Then we we will have a designer personally contact you so we can get working! You won’t be required to pay anything until your happy with the result.

You choose what you need

Using our graphic design shop, you get to pick the best type of package that fits your tastes, then we make them exactly how you pictured. Guaranteed.

You get what you want

After you order your designs, we will send you samples and you get to nit-pick them until they perfect. You don’t pay anything until your happy with what you’re getting.

You pay how you like

Once our designs are to your liking, then you can pay however is most convenient. We accept PayPal, all major credit/debit cards, as well as mail in checks and cash.