Covering all aspects of digital design

At Mainsail Studio, we focus on simplicity, functionality, and beauty

Website design and development
We can set-up, design, develop, and manage a website to match any of your needs
Graphical design
We can design anything from a company logo to a personalized bumper sticker
WordPress development
We also build WordPress themes and tools to help developers like us to create gorgeous sites

We design websitesWe design websites

Mainsail Studio can design a website to accommodate your needs. We do anything from simple informational sites to interactive eCommerce shops to sell your products.

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We design graphicsWe design graphics

Mainsail Studio can also design anything graphics related. Whether you need a new business logo to represent yourself with, or a customized sign for the front of your office, Mainsail Studio can design it.

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We develop WordPressWe develop WordPress tools

Mainsail Studio develops useful WordPress themes and plugins to help developers like us create gorgeous websites for their clients. Our tools are simple, beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use, just like they should be.

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