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We design logos, websites, and ads for small and mid-sized businesses in and around Rochester, NY

What we do

Our mission is to grow small to mid-sized businesses by working personally with clients to develop a beautiful, functional, and consistent brand image that reflects their core values and expresses it to their customers.

Website Design

Mainsail Studio handles all ends of web design, but our main focus is on clean modern design and flawless functionality. With us, you can expect a website that looks good and does what it needs to.

Graphic Design

We do all things graphic design. That includes logos, business cards, flyers, and even UI and UX design. Our favorite thing to do is create beautiful and cohesive brands for small or new businesses.

Marketing/Social Media

Sometimes a beautiful logo and website isn't enough. We love getting our clients more customers and enabling them to grow by expanding their digital presence using SEO, SMM, and digital advertisements.

Who we are

We're just people that enjoy working personally with other people to accomplish a goal. We are great at communication and respond quickly to all inquiries. Follow us on social media to see what we're up to.

Connor Peters

Founder and Frontend Software Developer
Connor started Mainsail Studio as a freelance business back in 2015 when he was still in school. Having since graduated with his bachelors in Computer Information Systems (we don't know what it means either), Connor has shifted to working on Locke, a password manager for the 55+.

Carson James Argenna

Videographer, Singer, and Songwriter
Carson is a talented singer, songwriter and videographer that is always working towards bettering his craft. He released Soulmate Song in 2020 and has amassed over 5 million Spotify streams to date. You can check out his personal website at

Our portfolio

Here are some selected pieces of work that we've done recently. We're busy working to create new things, so this list may not be updated and is not comprehensive.

The Leafy Fish

Logo Design Website Design WordPress Development

The Leafy Fish is a startup aquaponics group located in Colorado that needed both a logo and a website designed. They had the unique idea of having a fish with leaves as fins as their logo to represent their aquaponics farm, as it symbolizes the aquaponic process. After delivering their logo in a timely fashion, we built them a custom website built on WordPress using a theme designed by Mainsail Studio.

Stephen Joseph & Kovax

Logo Design Website Design Newsletter Subscription

Stephen Joseph is an author based in Rochester, NY currently finishing his first book, Kovax 1. Stephen needed a website that could act as a launchig point for his book as well as a spot to post his musings and poems. Mainsail Studio designed his website using WordPress (of course), as well as the book cover for Kovax 1. The logo for Kovax 1 was meant to imitate that of a large and established oil company, hence the oil droplet inside the "O".

Double U Doodles

Logo Design Website Design AdWords Campaign & SEO

Double U Doodles is a family-oriented doodle breeder located in South Carolina that needed the full treatment, a logo, website, and advertising/SEO. Their website was designed to hook into their very active Facebook page to allow them to manage all of their photos in one place. Mainsail Studio also developed several different landing pages for an advertising campaign. These pages were designed to direct users to submit a form, and had accurate usage tracking in place to guage the effectiveness of the campaign.

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